About our Barn

Barns have always been the centerpiece and most important structures on working farms. Historically, they many times were built before the houses when people were settling.  


On our farm, the Henschen Homestead was established in 1880 by Jacob Henschen. He arrived in America from Germany and settled on the fertile soils of Kirkland Township.  He not only settled here, but also built the barn that we use today to host guests to our corn maze.


We decided to restore and maintain our barns on the farm because of their historical significance and the stories that each one of them tells.  The men who built these structures were a living testament to the ingenuity, perseverance, and hard work that were required to build them.  


The following pictures show what was involved in restoring our barns to the way they look today.  We love talking about barns, so next time you're on the farm let us show you around!