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Forever is from now and into eternity, so why not gift your Valentine the joy of flowers for now and flowers for later?  This gift will touch all areas of your Valentine's heart with flowers they can eat and flowers they can keep!   The flowers for now include a scrumptious bouquet of 7 flower cupcakes by Krista at Sweet Kreations, and the flowers for later are a subscription of 5 hand picked bouquets for your Valentine to enjoy throughout the summer!  While the flowers won't last forever (although they do last a really long time :) , we know your love for your Valentine will!  


Pink Cupcake Arrangement: 1 light pink spider mum with green leaves, 2 mauve/white roses with green leaves, 2 mauve tulips with green leaves, 2 light pink and white hydrangeas with green leaves.

Red Cupcake Arrangement: 3 red roses with green leaves, 2 white mums with green leaves, 2 white roses with green leaves.

Forever My Valentine

    • Forever My Valentine  includes a flower bouquet consisting of 7 unique flower cupcakes by Sweet Kreations and a gift certificate for 5 custom flower bouquets by The Flower Patch at Steele Farms, hand picked for you, and arranged into jars to be picked up at the farm. 
    • Pick up for these gifts will be at Steele Farms on Tuesday, February 13 from noon to 5 pm, or Wednesday, February 14 from 8 am to noon.
    • Sales are pre-order only.  Sales close February 8 at midnight.
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