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Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote, "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways..." 

While there are 7 delicious flower cupcakes, and 8 beautiful you-pick bouquets, the reasons you Love your significant other are endless.  Give the one you Love numerous reasons to believe that they hold your heart both now and forever.


Pink Cupcake Arrangement: 1 light pink spider mum with green leaves, 2 mauve/white roses with green leaves, 2 mauve tulips with green leaves, 2 light pink and white hydrangeas with green leaves.

Red Cupcake Arrangement: 3 red roses with green leaves, 2 white mums with green leaves, 2 white roses with green leaves.

Lover Bundle

    • Lover Bundle includes a flower bouquet consisting of 7 unique flower cupcakes by Krista at Sweet Kreations and a gift certificate for 8 you-pick flower cup bouquets from The Flower Patch at Steele Farms.
    • Pick up for these gifts will be at Steele Farms on Tuesday, February 13 from noon to 5 pm, or Wednesday, February 14 from 8 am to noon.
    • Sales are pre-order only.  Sales close February 8 at midnight.
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