Corn Maze

Corn Maze

The 2021 Corn Maze theme is

Along the Flower Path

Our 2021 corn maze will give you the opportunity to stop and "smell the roses,"  or at least wander through the flower designs of the corn maze.  You might encounter a bee as you walk the maze paths, but this bee won't leave a painful sting!


Take some time with your family to navigate all the twists, turns, and dead ends of the corn maze, all the while enjoying a simpler time of being with family and creating lasting memories! 


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Maze Game

Once again this year we will feature the Farm Scene Investigation Game.  It's the same fun game as last year, only there is a new suspect!  Navigate your way through the maze as you try to solve the mystery of who kidnapped the farmer. 


The Farm Scene Investigation game will provide a fun way way to make sure you have traveled throughout all parts of the maze seeking out just who could be responsible for the crime.  You might even find even hear the CSI theme song playing in your head as you try to figure out who the culprit is in this CLUE type game. 


Can you solve the mystery?

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Steele Farms reserves the right to close the maze due to inclement weather or maze conditions.

Service dogs are always welcome at the farm.  Please leave your pets at home.  Thanks!