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The corn maze is closed for the season.  Come see us in fall 2024!


Visitors to Steele Farms Corn Maze have experienced first hand the Farm Scene Investigation game in which clues are located within the maze to discover which pesky farm animal kidnapped Farmer Joe.  It's a crowd favorite and every year a different farm animal is the culprit!

This year's maze theme and picture honors those rascally critters who give poor Farmer Joe such a hard time!  While Boots the Dog and Jean the Lubber Duck are the only animals pictured in the maze, don't let that fool you into thinking that's a clue to help solve the mystery of missing Farmer Joe.  Maybe it is, maybe it isn't...You still have some other rotten suspects to consider: Antonio de Llama, Mary, Kary, & Shary the Gossip Chicks, Billy the Goat, Theodore the Bull, and Frank the Pig.  

So the question is, Who really kidnapped Farmer Joe?  Guess you will have to see if you can solve the Farm Scene Investigation mystery!

2023 Maze


Once again this year we will feature the Farm Scene Investigation Game.  It's the same fun game as last year, only there is a new suspect!  Navigate your way through the maze as you try to solve the mystery of who kidnapped the farmer. 


The Farm Scene Investigation game will provide a fun way way to make sure you have traveled throughout all parts of the maze seeking out just who could be responsible for the crime.  You might even find even hear the CSI theme song playing in your head as you try to figure out who the culprit is in this CLUE type game. 


Can you solve the mystery?

Steele Farms 2020-9561.jpg

Steele Farms reserves the right to close the maze due to inclement weather or maze conditions.

Service dogs are always welcome at the farm.  Please leave your pets at home.  Thanks!

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