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Business Blooms flower subscriptions are the perfect way to brighten up your office, receptionist desk, or waiting room area!  These bouquets would be a great addition to any workplace, especially those where you are dealing with members of the public on a regular basis.  Flowers just seem to make everyone happier, and don’t we all want that in our workplace?


Business Blooms has the option of a 4 or 8 week subscription.  The 4 week subscriptions will be delivered every other week, while the 8 week subscription will be a continuous 8 weeks of flowers delivered to your place of employment in either Adams or Wells Counties. 


Fine Print:  Bouquet subscriptions will begin when the flowers begin to bloom, usually near the beginning of July.  Flowers will be placed into jars and delivered to businesses.  It is requested that jars from previous weeks bouquets be returned when the new bouquet is delivered. 


*Please note, adaptions to the start of subscriptions may be made if flowering begins earlier/later than normal!


Choose 4 week subscription:  $85  or 8 week subscription $160

Business Blooms Flower Subscription

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