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Coming September 24!

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Coming September 24!

We welcome groups at Steele Farms! We offer exciting and educational school tours, a space for birthday parties & family gatherings, as well as opportunities for church and scout groups.  There is plenty to see and experience during your group's visit to the farm!

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We offer fun for all ages at Steele Farms!  The kids will love visiting with the farm animals and playing in the Play Zone while mom and dad browse through our market filled with fall decorations and other goodies.  Be sure to finish out your day by picking out the perfect pumpkin to take home.

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Alexa's Scarecows

Enter our Scarecrow Contest where your business or organization creates and designs a scarecrow to put on display at the farm and the public decides whose scarecrow is the best! Your business name and creative side is put on display for all to see, but even better, the proceeds from the votes go to a charitable organization: Children's Medical Mission West.

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