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Flower Patch is OPEN for the Season!  

New You Pick Hours: 

Thursdays 4-7 pm, Fridays 9 am-4 pm,  Saturdays  9am-2pm, Sundays 4-7 pm

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Welcome to the Flower Patch at Steele Farms!  

We offer a 1 acre, You-Pick flower patch where you can come and pick a beautiful bouquet from a wide array of flower types and colors.

Want fresh flowers but don't want to pick them yourself?  Feel free to stop by the Bouquet Barn to choose a pre-made bouquet.


Our You-Pick Hours

  • Thursdays     4 pm - 7 pm

  • Fridays         9 am - 4 pm

  • Saturdays     9 am - 2 pm

  • Sundays       4 pm - 7 pm

How does You-Pick Work?

  • Come during You-Pick hours.

  • Start at the Bouquet Barn to pay for your flowers and get your cutting supplies.

  • Go out into the patch to choose flowers.

  • Once you are done picking, you can have your bouquet wrapped for free, purchase a vase to arrange your bouquet, or put your flowers into your own bucket to take home! 

What should I bring?

We provide scissors and containers to pick into.  However, if you have a particular vase you want to arrange into, feel free to bring that too!  We can give you some water to keep your flowers happy for the drive home.

Bouquet Barn

Our Bouquet Barn Hours

  • Monday - Friday    10 am - 7 pm

How does the Bouquet Barn work?

  • Come choose a pre-made bouquet from the cooler in our Bouquet Barn.

  • Payment options are cash or check in our drop box, Venmo, or via our website shop.


Flower Patch Events


Pricing Options

2021-07-01 (2).jpg
Cup Bouquet

$7 plus tax

- includes 1 sunflower -

Pitcher Bouquet

$15 plus tax

- includes 3 sunflowers -

2021-07-01 (1).jpg
Bucket Bouquet

$25 plus tax

- includes 5 sunflowers -

Additional sunflowers - $2 a stem

Vases $2

Bouquet wrapping - free

Cash | Check | Venmo | Online Shop

Flower Care

  • Trim flowers at an angle.

  • Remove any leaves that may be under the water in the vase.

  • Add a drop or two of bleach to the flower's water to reduce bacteria.

  • Change vase water every 2-3 days.

  • Stems may also be re-cut to increase vase life.

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